While Neopolis has its own Mayor and councillors, they still come under the governance of Tintagel’s Patriarch. The Patriarch is elected in a closed council of the regional councillors of Avalon, the Mayor of Neopolis and the Five Reverends of Tintagel. This vote process and meetings of the Avalon Government are some of the only times when outsiders are allowed into the Second Sanctum.

Major Structures
Tintagel itself is the only structure on its island, connected to the mainland by a bridge that can be drawn in times of danger. It is a fortified monastic city which consists of three Sanctums. The First Sanctum is accessible by all visitors when allowed through the gates by the city guards. The Second Sanctum is accessible only by explicit permission and usually only then for specific appointments and formal occasions demanding outsider presence. The Third Sanctum is at the heart of Tintagel and is only accessible to those of the Order of Caliburn, the monastic order resident in Tintagel, of which the Patriarch and the Five Reverends must be members, though high-ranking members of the Terra Novan Theocracy are usually allowed entry as well. There have been a number of historic occasions on which an individual not of the Terra Novan Theocracy or the Order of Caliburn had visited the Third Sanctum, but such a boon marks the individual as being of unusual holiness. As far as the public records go, no non-human has ever entered the Third Sanctum.

The holy Cathedral is a beautiful, ancient building that is crafted out of the stone of the island and seems to melt into it. It is the centrepiece for the city, a single huge place of worshop that spans all three of the Sanctums. The Sanctum sections of the cathedral can be divided off or opened up depending on what is required, as events like the presentation of the Patriarch require the entire city to be given access, but are kept sealed as standard. The High Chapel is the private worship space for the Order of Caliburn and the Patriarch and Five Reverends and is extremely well guarded. This is the site of the treasures of Tintagel, as well.

Ascetic and shuttered, Tintagel is not the place to go for a party. The nearby settlement of Glestinga is the source of food and labour for Tintagel. Any one not of the Order of Caliburn who wishes to live within the walls of Tintagel must have special dispensation to do so. The majority of the workers who work there during the day return across the bridge to Glestinga every night.

One bone of contention is the allowance of the daily market in the First Sanctum. The Terra Novan Theocracy approves of trade out of political necessity as much as religious principle, but factions within the Theocracy call for the removal of all trade from the religious cities. In some places, the tradition of trade in a church has varied a little by the government’s beliefs, but only one Patriarch ever expelled the stallholders of Tintagel from the First Sanctum, and he was removed very shortly after.

As with the rest of Avalon, Tintagel is almost entirely populated by humans, though there are many fewer Newcomers than on the rest of the moon. Non-humans who enter Tintagel are likely to be looked on with suspicion, if not outright hostility. Newcomers are grudgingly accepted but the city guards will assume the worst of them and the laws about technology and the natural environment on Avalon are more strictly enforced here than almost anywhere else.


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