Terra Nova

System: Chrysalis System
Faction: Terra Novan Theocracy
Capital: Avon
Surface: Mixed Temperature
Population: Very High (2-95-2-1)
Gravity: Normal
Atmosphere: Normal
Day: 24 hrs
Year: 360 days

Major settlements:
New Devonport

New Earth is the world given to the Founders and has become the seat of the Terra Novan Theocracy. Terra Nova is ruled by the Conclave.

It is very Earthlike in atmosphere, climate and ecosystems. There is a large well-irrigated subcontinent, covering over half of the western hemisphere, and a series of islands of various sizes spotting the eastern. The islands to the east are situated mostly among the temperature extremes, providing excellent habitation for the non-human species that do not reside on the primary continent.

Architecture here is a high-tech Victorian with other styles being slowly integrated. The society operates following a modified feudal format. It utilizes noble houses, dynasties and trade guilds to increase the paradigm’s utility.

Terra Nova has three moons: Avalon, Pellinore and Lamorak. Only Avalon is inhabited.

Terra Nova

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