The largest city on Avalon, a moon of Terra Nova in the Chrysalis System.

Neopolis has its own Mayor and councillors who operate under the seat of governance in Tintagel, who in turn come under the governance of the Terra Novan Theocracy. They are elected by votes based on popularity and influence every three years, with district councillors elected every year. The council meet in the Council Building in the heart of Neopolis’ council district.

Major Structures
The Council Building is a tall, gleaming structure whose modern-looking efficiency conceals the petty disputes and influence-mongering that keeps Neopolitan politics running.
The Pleasure Gardens are far from what one would imagine: instead of polite lines of trees open to the sky, the Pleasure Gardens of Neopolis consist of a covered complex which at its more salubrious has the finest restaurants and bars on Avalon, but in the less reputable areas, is known as a place where any pleasure can be had for a price.

High-tech decadence

Like all of Avalon, Neopolis is almost entirely populated by humans, though there is a good mix of Founders and Newcomers.


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