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It is the 23rd Century. Humanity has torn Earth apart through selfish hoarding of resources and ignorance of the long-term effects of pollution. It has become a dead world, ‘Terra Mortis’, where once it was a thriving and beautiful planet. Salvation came from the stars, a message from an ancient alien race called the Xyr who promised a new life for those who would leave Earth behind and travel with them to a new star system. A great ark carried those settlers who took up the challenge out of the solar system, a journey that had been completed six times before, as the Xyr have been doing this for centuries. However, this journey was different. The Xyr disappeared en route, leaving the preprogrammed ark to reach its destination with a cargo of terrified and confused passengers.

They reached the new star system and stepped out onto worlds unlike anything they had seen before, with races, cultures and technology beyond humanity’s wildest dreams. The humans from Earth’s past, the Founders, had developed their culture independent of the restrictions of Earth, and now embraced a culture combining the Age of Exploration and new technology. Dragon-people mixed with robots, high-gravity aliens who resembled rhinos socialised with psychic jellyfish. And into this cultural milieu, a shipful of humans, the Newcomers, began to forge their own culture and community.

‘Lux Aeternum’ combines swashbuckling and adventure with science fiction. This is a setting of dashing adventure, derring do, and potentially limitless wonder to explore. A dangerous new solar system has been revealed within easy reach of the Known Worlds, but trouble brews home as tensions between and within cultures and political groups grow more pronounced. ‘Empire of Light’ is designed to be a fully fleshed-out version of this setting in which I can run a variety of games. However, the key themes that are showing through are: political intrigue, high adventure, and exploration of the New Worlds.



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