Moon of Terra Nova
System: Chrysalis System
Faction: Terra Novan Theocracy
Capital: Tintagel
Surface: Cool temperate, pastoral
Population: High (1-98-1-0)
Gravity: Normal
Atmosphere: Normal
Day: 24 hrs
Year: 30 days

Major settlements:

The largest of Terra Nova’s three moons, Avalon is terraformed and has been settled by the Terra Novan Theocracy. Until the Newcomers arrived, Avalon was largely idyllic. After deforestation, strip-mining, and other resource exploitation, however, new ordinances were passed to maintain the balance of nature. The Xyr terraforming subsystem quietly works its magic in the background, slowly restoring the damage done by the industrialisation movement.

Glades of stubborn woodland were always present, even when the industrialisation was at its worst, and rumours persist of a race of secretive warrior protectors of the forests even as they seed across the barren lands once more.

The industrial city of Neopolis that arose before the ecological restraints were put in place is still shiny and new, to the naked eye, but already reeks of greed and corruption in its soul.

Tintagel, while far from the size of Neopolis, is the capital of the planet. It is a closed and devout community where tradition is heavily favoured over innovation.

Local flora include the rare and beautiful ‘love bloom’, whose aroma is nearly intoxicating to humans and Kyryk, and has earned a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Much like the eidelweiss of Earth, it has become a local rite of passage for the males to retrieve one of these flowers when proposing marriage, despite the dangerous invader bees that roost in its garden beds.

Local fauna include the invader bees, which introduce venom into enemy creatures through painful stings, much like Earth bees, but also implant egg sacs. As the venom ferments, it softens surrounding tissue into a nutrient bath for the larvae, which grow over the next two weeks and hatch into a litter of up to two dozen, causing the equivalent of mild poison damage each week until they burrow free.

A primary food source for the human population are the herds of giant “centipede sheep”, which provide meat, wool and milk.


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