Blessings of the Lux Aeternum upon you, that the Xyr may someday return

Welcome to the main page for the Lux Aeternum campaign, ‘Empire of Light’.

‘Lux Aeternum’ is a setting originally included in the True20 Adventure Roleplaying corebook by Green Ronin, which showcased their True20 system, a simplified and adapted version of the d20 system developed by Wizards of the Coast. One of four original settings summarised in the book, ‘Lux Aeternum’ was then expanded with a setting book, ‘The Lux Aeternum Expanded Setting Guide’ by Black Wyrm Games. The wiki contains a further expanded setting guide for ‘Lux Aeternum’, intended for use with this campaign.

To a large extent, this is designed for a campaign that I may someday run, but I don’t currently have any plans to do so in the immediate future. However, I enjoy planning settings and campaigns, so even if I never run Empire of Light, at least I will have had fun planning it!

Lux Aeternum: Empire of Light

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